repeats, repeating, repeated
1) VERB If you repeat something, you say or write it again. You can say I repeat to show that you feel strongly about what you are repeating.

[V that] He repeated that he had been mis-quoted...

[V that] I repeat that medicine is on the brink of a revolution...

[V n] The Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi repeated his call for the release of hostages...

[V with quote] `You fool,' she kept repeating.

2) VERB If you repeat something that someone else has said or written, you say or write the same thing, or tell it to another person.

[V n] She had an irritating habit of repeating everything I said to her...

[V n to n] I trust you not to repeat that to anyone else...

[V after n with quote] Now, brother, repeat after me, `All praise to Allah, Lord of All the Worlds'.

3) VERB If you repeat yourself, you say something which you have said before, usually by mistake.

[V pron-refl] He spoke well to begin with, but then started rambling and repeating himself.

4) CONVENTION (emphasis) People sometimes say repeat before saying again a word they have just said, in order to emphasize it or to make sure that people hear it. [FORMAL]

We are not, I repeat, not actually in the negotiating process...

Find and destroy, repeat destroy, these units.

5) VERB If you repeat an action, you do it again.

[V n] The next day I repeated the procedure...

[V n] He said Japan would never repeat its mistakes...

Hold this position for 30 seconds, release and repeat on the other side.

6) VERB If an event or series of events repeats itself, it happens again.

[V pron-refl] The UN will have to work hard to stop history repeating itself...

[V pron-refl] The cycle then repeats itself. [Also V]

7) N-COUNT: usu sing, oft N of n If there is a repeat of an event, usually an undesirable event, it happens again.

There were fears that there might be a repeat of last year's campaign of strikes. order to prevent a repeat tragedy.

8) ADJ: ADJ n If a company gets repeat business or repeat customers, people who have bought their goods or services before buy them again.

Nearly 60% of our bookings come from repeat business and personal recommendation.

9) N-COUNT A repeat is a television or radio programme that has been broadcast before. [BRIT]

There's nothing except sport and repeats on TV.

(in AM, use re-run)
10) PHRASE If there is a repeat performance of something, usually something undesirable, it happens again.

This year can only see a repeat performance of the decline.


English dictionary. 2008.


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